Jimmy and the Sea Monkeys
Jimmy meets some nice sea monkeys on an unfortunate adventure.
Once, in a city not so far from where you live, in a time not so long ago, there was a little boy.

His name was Jimmy.

Jimmy lived in a nice home with his mom and dad. Jimmy liked spending time with his mom. Sometimes they would go to the park and play on the swings.

One thing that Jimmy loved to do was jump in puddles. He loved to make them splash.

Jimmy's mom would tell him not to do this. “Don't jump in the puddles, Jimmy. You'll get all wet.”

Jimmy would shout back, “No I don't, mom! Look at this!” and then Jimmy would jump in the puddle again, splashing the water. Only his shoes were wet.

So Jimmy would splash in the puddles even though him mom told him not to. And for a while, it was okay, and nothing terrible happened.

But one day Jimmy found a big, big puddle.

Oh boy! He thought, this is going to be so much fun!

So he put his backpack down and started to back up. He was going to run and jump right into the puddle.

He started running straight for the puddle with a big grin on his face. He jumped and SPLASH!

He landed right in the puddle.

Something was wrong this time, though. Jimmy wasn't standing in the middle of the puddle, Jimmy was completely under water and he was sinking.

Down, down, down Jimmy sank. He didn't know how to swim. He began to get very scared.

Jimmy finally reached the bottom of the very big and deep puddle. He didn't know how to get back out again.

He sat down on the bottom and put his head in his hands. “I should've listened to my momma!” He cried to himself. “If I had only listened, this would never have happened and I would be home right now instead of stuck at the bottom of this deep puddle.”

Jimmy looked up and saw something swimming towards him. He was even more scared. What if it was a shark?

Jimmy soon saw what it was. It was two sea monkeys.

The sea monkeys swam up to Jimmy and asked him why he was crying. Jimmy told them that it was because he didn't listen to his mom.

The sea monkeys didn't know what to do. They said, “We will take you to our King. He is the oldest and the wisest of the sea monkeys and he will know what to do.”

And so the sea monkeys picked up Jimmy and swam with him towards their sea monkey kingdom. Jimmy saw a large castle.

The sea monkeys took him inside the castle and Jimmy could see the King. And the King saw Jimmy.

“I know you,” said the King, “you aren't supposed to be here, what are you doing here?”

Jimmy broke down and started crying again and sobbed, “My momma told me not to go jumping in the puddles and I didn't listen to her.”

“Don't cry, Jimmy,” said the King. “You used to be my owner, you used to feed me and treat me well. The others are too new and won't remember you, but I remember you and I know that you are a good boy.”

“Can you get me back home again?” asked Jimmy.

“Yes,” the King smiled, “yes, we will do that for you.”

The King spoke to the two sea monkeys that brought Jimmy to the castle, “Take Jimmy back, back to the surface and the land where he belongs.”

The sea monkeys nodded and Jimmy said “thank you” as they picked him up and carried him back.

Up, up, up they went. Closer and closer to the surface.

Finally they reached the spot where Jimmy had jumped from. Jimmy climbed out of the puddle and waved goodbye to the sea monkeys. The sea monkeys waved goodbye back.

Jimmy walked over and grabbed his backpack and then ran all the way home.

He didn't stop, not once, until he was back inside his house.

“Where have you been?” his mom asked, “You're home late and you're soaking wet, what happened to you?”

Jimmy ran and hugged his mom and gave her a kiss. “I'm so sorry, mom!” Jimmy said. “I'll never jump in another puddle again! I'll always listen to you from now on! I love you, mom!”

“Oh, Jimmy, I love you too. It sounds like you learned something good today.”

“I sure did,” Jimmy replied.

And Jimmy never jumped in another puddle again.