Belinda Bling and the Magic Seeds
Belinga Bling gets a hold of some magic seeds - but not all magic makes her life easier. In fact, in this case, it made her life crazy!
The first thing you have to know about Belinda Bling is that she is a good girl. The second thing you need to know is that she is also an adventurous girl. That means that even though she is a good girl, she sometimes manages to get herself into trouble.

One particular day Belinda was in her backyard garden planting peas and onions, with no idea of the trouble that was about to find her.

She poked the soil with a stick to make a hole where she could drop the seeds. Poke, drop, poke, drop, poke, drop.

After doing this for a few minutes she poked the stick in the ground and - THUNK - she hit something. It wasn't dirt. It wasn't stone. And it wasn't like any sound she had heard before under the ground. It sounded hollow.

She ran and got a shovel, then started digging. She soon realized that it was wide and flat on top, with buckled straps. She soon found the edges and discovered that it was a big box.

In fact, it was a chest.

"Somebody must have buried here," thought Belinda. "Maybe I should just bury it back up."

But then her sense of adventure took over and she just had to know what was inside of it.

She dug deeper and deeper until she could dig all the way underneath the chest. She grabbed the handles on the sides of the chest, and pulled it out of the ground.

It might have been hollow, but it definitely wasn't empty

In fact, it was actually quite heavy.

Belinda undid the buckles that held the chest shut. She blew all of the dirt off the top of the chest, opened it slowly and looked inside. She saw something blue. Whenever it was covered a pile of things underneath.

Belinda's heart pounded with excitement.

She reached a trembling hand into the box and felt the blue thing. It was soft and silky. She pulled it out and saw that it was a silk, blue scarf.

Underneath the scarf she found a few dozen tall, skinny glass jars.

Belinda reach down and picked up one of the jars. It was labeled and on the label was written in an elegant handwriting, "magic seeds."

"Isn't that odd?" thought Belinda. "Here I am planting seeds in my garden and I dig up a chest that contains magic seeds!"

Well, Belinda didn't believe in coincidences. This wasn't an accident. She knew that there was a reason she had found the chest and the seeds and she just knew that the reason she found the seeds was so that she could plant them.

She put the blue scarf back in the chest, then closed the top. She carried the box into her garage and decided she would show it to her parents later that day and then go through the rest of the jars.

But that could wait, because Belinda just knew that she had to plant the seeds right now!

She took the seeds and began planting them in the row next to where she had planted peas and onions.

The magic seeds were unlike most other seeds she had seen before. These seeds were bright colors whereas most other seeds she had seen were dull.

She wondered what would grow from them. She thought maybe they would grow bright magic flowers, or maybe even a beanstalk like in the story jack and the beanstalk, but without the giant! Maybe an apple tree with apples that were different colors. Maybe it would grow trees with fruits no one had ever seen before. And maybe the fruit would be magic or give someone magic powers!

While she daydreamed about all of these possibilities, she planted all the seeds in the ground and then decided to water them - after all, seeds don't grow unless you water them.

So Belinda went and got her watering can. She hoped regular water would make the magic seeds grow because it was the only water she had. She didn't have magic water.

Belinda poured the water over the row of seeds and pulled out a lawn chair chair and sat in it and watched.

She stared at the ground but nothing happened. Maybe they weren't magic or, if they were, maybe the magic had been lost over time.

Disappointed, Belinda went into the house. She was so disappointed that the seeds hadn't grown right away that she forgot to tell our parents about the chest she had found and put in the garage.

After dinner she went straight upstairs, took her bath, brushed her teeth, said her prayers, and went to bed.

In the morning Belinda woke up feeling very good. The sun was shining. She had forgotten all about the seeds she had planted and the disappointment she had felt when they didn't grow right away. She went to her window and looked out. She gasped and her jaw dropped. To her shock and surprise something had grown in the garden!

It wasn't just one thing. It was many things. There was a beanstalk that rose up high into the sky. She couldn't see where it ended, it just went up and up and up. There were three bushes of a variety she had never before seen that had blue leaves with red flowers and green berries. There was a tree that had a big, fat, purple fruit on it - the fruit looked yummy. And there were enormous flowers growing next to the tree - red ones, purple ones, and green ones whose leaves looked like they had been painted with yellow lines.

Belinda ran to the backyard, picked some of the purple fruit and took a bite. It tasted delicious!

She turned around to go to the house to and show our parents and as she came close to the sliding glass doors at the back of the house she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror.

She gasped and fell to her knees. Belinda was purple from from head to foot! Her skin was purple, her hair was purple, even her fingernails were purple! She had turned the same color as the fruit she had just bitten into and swallowed!

She had once read about a girl who turned blue after eating some experimental gum at Willy Wonka's factory, but she thought that was just fiction - stuff that only happens in stories, not in real life!

She didn't want to walk into the house and scare her parents, so she decided to hide in the garden until she turned back to her normal colors. She ran back out to the garden and stepped into the patch of the enormous flowers. The petals on the flowers grabbed her and pulled her into them. They started hugging her, caressing her face, and tickling her under her arms and feet. Belinda giggled.

The flowers weren't scary or mean, so Belinda decided that they were friendly flowers that just liked to give hugs. But she couldn't hide among them. They just weren't quite big enough. And, even if they were, they'd tickle her so much that she would be unable to hide - her laughter would give her away.

Belinda still need a place to hide and she didn't know where to go, but she noticed that the beanstalk had grown stubby branches on both sides that made it look like a ladder.

"Maybe I can just hide at the top of the beanstalk until I turn back to my normal color," she thought.

And then she gulped. "IF I turn back into my normal color."

So she started climbing up and up and up and knew that if she could get high enough that no one would be able to see her.

At the top of beanstalk was big flower, so big that it was bigger than an airplane!

Belinda climbed up into the flower and screamed. She was face to face with a green grasshopper as tall as she was!

It stared at her with unblinking eyes as big as hubcaps on a car.

"It's just a bug," Belinda said to herself. "It can't hurt me."

"You're probably thinking 'it's just a bug'," said the grasshopper in a deep, man's voice.

Belinda jumped.

"You ... you can talk?"

A woman's voice from behind him spoke, "Of course we can talk."

Belinda peered around him and a grasshopper the same size as the other, but a lighter green, inched toward her.

"Don't all bugs talk?" she asked.

"I don't think so," said Belinda. "Not any I've ever seen before."

They seemed shocked and their mouths opened as if to say something but not finding the words.

"Do you have names?" asked Belinda.

"I'm Ralph," said the dark green one.

"Katie," said the other. "Pleased to meet you."

"And what kind of a creature are you?" asked Ralph.

"I'm a human being," Belinda replied.

"Nonsense," said Ralph. "You're a bug. You're smaller than us. And you're blue. Humans are pink."

"She's purple," said Katie. "You're slightly colorblind, remember? She is a rather nice purple. I should like to have been purple like you. I, and everyone I else I know ... we, are green. Though we are different shades of green. See, he's a darker shade than me, and I'm jealous. Envious. Green with envy!"

The two grasshoppers laughed.

"I'm really just a normal person," said Belinda. "But I ate this magic purple fruit that grew from a tree that came from the same batch of seeds that grew this beanstalk I climbed and found you. I was trying to hide before anyone could see me all purple."

They laughed again. It seemed quite funny to them.

"Who ever heard of magic fruit," chuckled Ralph.

It wasn't funny to Belinda. "Laugh away," she said. "But people are white and brown and yellow and black and red. We can be all kinds of colors. Some people are even bright red when they get sunburned."

"But they're not blue," said Ralph.

"Purple," corrected Katie.

"It will wear off soon," said Belinda.

"I've been green 107 years," said Ralph. "It has never worn off. You had better get used to it."

"Get used to it?" said Katie. "Why, you should count your blessings! You'd be the loveliest thing on earth! Purple suits you just fine. Do you have a family?"

"Yes," said Belinda, "But they do not know I'm purple."

"Your family will accept you no matter how you look," said Katie

Belinda thought a moment. She decided Katie was right.

She bid them farewell, thanked them for their advice and perspective, and climbed back down.

The back door to her house was locked, so she walked around, through the garage, to go inside.

She saw the chest.

"This chest has brought me nothing but trouble," she thought. "I don't care if it is magic."

She grabbed the chest, walked back to the garden, dug a new hole, put the chest inside it, and covered it with dirt.

She walked back to the garage and into the house. Her stomach fluttered nervously. She hoped her mother wouldn't faint.

"Glad you're home, sweetheart," her mothers voice called. "I made you breakfast."

She walked toward the kitchen and as she passed a mirror she looked at herself.

And do you know what?

She wasn't purple anymore.

Belinda sighed loudly and she relaxed.

"Lucky me," she thought. "I know my family would have loved me anyway, but I really like being the way I was. I don't need to be the loveliest thing Katie ever saw. I am OK just being plain old me."

After breakfast she decided to climb back up the beanstalk and tell the grasshoppers that the magic had worn off and that she was back to normal, but when she got outside to the yard the the beanstalk was gone.

The flowers were gone. The fruit tree was gone. Gone, gone, gone, it was all gone.

She felt a little dizzy and fell to her knees again.

"Did I imagine all that?" thought Belinda.

All of a sudden, she wasn't sure whether or not it was real at all. For a split second she thought about digging up the chest.

But then she stopped.

To this day she is not quite sure whether or not it was real, but she still hasn't dug up the chest.

Because she really doesn't want to know.

She had enough magic from that chest, and she liked herself and her life plenty well the way it was, and didn't need to risk it.

She was still adventurous. Just a little less so.

The end.