Far From Home: A Marielle Adventure (Chapter 1)
While visiting a traveling fair with her family, the ever curious Marielle climbs aboard a mysterious flying ship and is taken away to an enchanted land of She-pirates and mystical creatures on a wild adventure she'll never forget.
(I wrote this for my four-year old daughter, Mckenna, and read it to her before bed. I've only written two chapters, so unfortunately the story is incomplete...but need to finish someday)

Marielle was sitting on a branch in the top of a tall, leafy tree. She watched as the big, yellow sun went to sleep. She smiled and then reached inside her backpack and found a rope. She tied a good knot around a big branch and then slid down the rope. It was getting dark now and a little cold and Marielle knew it was soon time for bed. But she liked it better up in the tree and wondered if she could sleep here all night.

“Marielle!” Father called from the back porch. “Where are you?”
Murielle ducked her head down and hid behind the leaves, giggling quietly in her hands.
“It’s time for bed,” her Father said. He heard something move in the tree above him and looked up. “Marielle, is that you?”
“You found me!” Marielle said climbing down another rope in the tree. Father smiled as Marielle swung from the branch and into his open arms. He gave her a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek.

After Marielle brushed her teeth, put on her warm pajamas and said her prayers, she crawled into bed and pulled the thick covers up over her chin.
“Daddy, I’m ready!” Marielle said. Soon she heard footsteps on the stairs and her Father walked in the room and sat beside her.
“You need to sleep good because we have a big day tomorrow,” Father said.
“What are we doing?” Marielle asked.
“We are going to the fair,” Father said. Marielle had almost forgotten. Every year they visited the fair. It was one of her favorite things to do. Marielle smiled with excitement.
“I love you, Daddy.”
Father smiled. “I love you Marielle.” He kissed her on the head. “Will you remember that forever?”
“Yes,” Marielle said. “But how will I remember it forever?”
Father pulled a big, black pen from his pocket and took Marielle’s little hand in his. Then he wrote in big letters on her palm “I Love You.”
“Whenever you forget just look at your hand,” Father said. Marielle looked at her hand and smiled. “But most important is to remember it here,” and he touched her heart.
“Good night, Marielle.”
“Good night, Daddy.”
Father walked to the door and waved before closing the door.
That night Marielle dreamed of the fair with her family--of cotton candy, popcorn, carousel rides, clowns and bright balloons.

The next morning Marielle awoke early as she always did. She put on her favorite yellow dress and purple rain boots. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen eating eggs and pancakes.
“Eat up, we’re leaving soon,” her Mother said putting a fluffy pancake on her plate. Marielle poured on the syrup and began to eat. Her little sister Abby was sitting across the table with oatmeal covering her entire face and hands. She smiled and Marielle smiled back. When she was done with her pancake Marielle took a big drink of milk and then wiped her lips on her shirt. She jumped down from her chair and hurried out to the car where Mom and Dad were putting Abby in the car. Marielle climbed up into the car and a minute later they were off.

The fair was just as wonderful as Marielle remembered it. At the entrance a tall clown with curly green hair tied a bright yellow balloon to her hand and winked. In the fair the first thing she saw was the ferris wheel which went round-and-round and lifted people high into the sky.

“Let’s go there!” Marielle said, pointing to the ferris wheel. After paying with tickets they climbed into a seat and held on tight as the ferris wheel groaned to a start. Suddenly they were flying up-up into the sky. Marielle reached her hand up and wondered if she could touch the clouds. Down below she saw the entire fair and all of its brights colors. The carousel twirled in red and yellow. She smelled the salty popcorn rising from below. A clown was walking on stilts. A crowd of children giggled at a monkey show. When the ferris wheel came back down they climbed off and made their way to the popcorn.
“Popco! Popco!” her little sister Abby squealed. Mom bought a big bag of popcorn and handed some to Abby and Marielle. Marielle chomped on the tasty popcorn as they walked through the fair.

On their way to the carousel Marielle saw a funny old man with a tall black hat and silly beard. Behind him was a cart with a strange ship on it. The ship was gold and shaped like an egg two wide wings on the sides and one on the back, like the fin of a dolphin. Marielle thought the ship looked like a big, gold bird. A crowd of people had gathered around the funny old man with the tall black hat and silly beard.

“This is the greatest invention ever known to man!” the old man exclaimed waving his hands in the air.
“Why is it great?” someone in the crowd asked.
“Because it can fly!” said the funny old man. Everyone in the crowd laughed at him.
“Only birds can fly,” the people said. The laughed at him and pointed their fingers. All of the people went away but Marielle stayed. She wanted to look closer at the golden bird. She walked up to it and touched its gold body with her hand. It was warm and shined in the sunlight.
“Can it really fly?” Marielle asked the funny old man.
“Of course it can,” the old man said kneeling next to her.
Marielle’s father put a hand on her shoulder. “Come on Marielle, it’s time to go.”
“Would you like to see a magic trick,” the funny old man asked Marielle’s father. He pulled out a deck of cards and held them up.

Mom and Dad watched the magic trick as Marielle climbed up the golden bird and looked inside. She saw that it had two small seats, a steering wheel like a car and several big buttons. She wondered what the buttons would do and wanted to touch them. Looking back she saw that her Mom and Dad were busy watching the magic trick, so she climbed up higher and through the top door of the golden bird. She sat in the seat and looked around. Can this really fly? I’ve seen birds fly. I believe it can! Marielle turned in her seat and saw something strange. It was a sparkling purple crystal the size of her hand. She reached back and put her hands on it. Instantly it turned from cold to warm and began moving about. Sparks flew around and it lit up like a fire. Soon the entire ship began to rattle around, bumping up and down. Marielle turned around and grabbed onto the seat.

She looked out and saw her Mom and Dad who were still watching the funny old man and his magic trick. Suddenly the golden bird shot upward and into the sky. Marielle moved to the window and looked down. She saw her parents and the old man look up. Her Mom and Dad reached up for her and called out her name. The funny old man jumped up on the cart and trying to grab it as it flew up and up. Soon she was too high to see her Mom and Dad and baby sister. When she looked down she saw the fair with its red and yellow tents and colorful rides, but her family was out of sight.

Marielle sat down and tried to control the ship. She pushed buttons, she tugged on a handle and wiggled a switch, but nothing. The golden bird continued to fly higher and higher up and away from the fair. Soon she was moving through wispy white clouds. For a very long time she could see nothing but the clouds in the windows. Marielle looked back at the purple crystal that was still humming and lit up like a flame. She looked back out the window and could still see nothing. Marielle wanted to cry but knew she needed to be brave. She needed to find her way home.

Soon Marielle noticed the golden ship was no longer moving up, but instead flying forward through the clouds. A moment later the clouds drifted a way into a blue sky with the bright sun burning above. Marielle pressed her nose against the glass windows and looked down. Below she could see what looked like water. She looked further ahead and behind and saw that it stretched on for miles. “It must be an ocean!” she thought to herself. “But I don’t live by the ocean. I must be very far from home!” Again she wanted to cry but instead took a deep breath and remembered to be brave.

Looking out the window again, Marielle watched as the long, gold wings fluttered in the wind. She noticed them tilt slightly and felt the ship begin to move down. Slowly the ocean became closer and closer until the golden ship was only feet from the water.
“Will I have to swim?” Marielle wondered. She was afraid of what might happen if the ship crashed into the water. Marielle sat back in her seat and waited and then closed her eyes as the golden ship hit the water and began to spin. It spun and it spun until coming to a stop on the ocean water. She felt it bob about, up and down, up and down with the waves. Turning in her seat, she noticed the purple crystal was no longer glowing and bright. Something must have caused it to stop working. She reached back and touched the crystal with her hand. It became warm for a second and even flickered a little, but finally went dark.
“At least I have my rain boots on,” she laughed. But she knew they would do little good in the ocean water.

Marielle stood up and looked out the window again. For miles and miles she could see nothing but the brilliant blue sea that sparkled in the sun. She noticed the sun was getting low. Marielle realized she had been flying all day. Her body was very tired and hungry. Soon it was dark and Marielle laid back in the seat and looked up at the wide black sky of sparkling stars. She thought about her family and wondered what they were doing. Did they have fun at the fair after she left? Were they looking for her? Did they miss her? She looked at her hand and saw the words “I Love You” her father had written on it the night before. She knew they missed her. She knew they loved her and wanted her home.