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This is a story to teach kids not to be greedy
Once upon a time there lived a pretty little girl named Mallissa. Mallissa had beautiful red curly hair,and shimery teal blue eyes.She wore a pretty aqua colored bow in her hair tilted a bit on the left side of her aid, along with a matching dress with
a white collar. She also wore high white socks and blue buckle shoes.

Mallissa had everything she could ever want. She had a mom, dad, and little brother that all loved her very much. She had a cute little pug named Chuckles, and she had alot of friends.

She lived in a very colorfull neighborhood, in a very pretty house with lots of flowers and color on it.

Mallissa had so many toys, and teddy bears as well. She had so many that Mallissa had 2 toy rooms and a bedroom with toys and teddies.

She sounds like a very nice girl right? Thats where your wrong!

Mallissa was the most rude, obnoxious, spoiled, greedy, girl in the world! She never appreciated any thing she had.

Mallissa had so much but, she was always wanting more.

Sure she had lots of friends, but that didnt matter to her! Alls tnat mattered was that even thow they didnt have as much as her, her friends would have at least 1 thing she didnt.

Jimmy had a fish,so she got 2
Onnika had a princesse dress so she bought 4
Kyle had an kite, she got a hang glider
and Anabelle got a trampoline,
she got a trampoline, and pool.

One day Mallissa's parents took her and her brother to the toy store. ¨you can both pick 1 toy¨ theyre parents said. Mallissa imediatly picked up 1 toy that really caught her eyes. A beautiful Pink, sparkally barbie doll ramote controle hellicopter.
That was what she got and, her brother got a toy dump truck. Mallissa, just didnt think itself was enough.

She picked up a doll after
"can i get this to” she asked without a please or a thanks for the hellicopter. her parents said no because they did say only 1 toy.

Mallissa imediatly started screaming and crying in the middle of the store! "THATS NOT FAIR" she screamed "WHY I WANT THIS TOY TO WAH WAH WAH" she cried. her parents then returned the hellicopter! Mallissa screamed louder, her parents were so embarrassed. They picked her up put her in the car and drove away!

When they got home Mallissa's parents began picking up all her toys and putting them in a bag. They locked the bag in the storage room.

All but 7 barbies, 9 teddies, 1 ramote controle car, a small doll house,2 baby dolls, and 5 dress up costumes remained for Mallissa. seeing this she screamed. her parents saod "good girls get everything, bad/greedy girls get nothing.'

Mallissa had only those toys for 1 entire month. Her parents then returned a few of her toys not many, only about 7. They continued to do so each month she was good. when she was bad toys would be removed. Toys were returned as Mallissa learned her lesson not to be greedy, and they all lived happilly ever after.

Written by:Emily.S.
age:12 years